The Great Physician is Willing and Ready




“The Lord is ready to save (deliver) me.” – Isaiah 38:20 AMP

The other day during my quiet time with the Lord, I came across some words of King Hezekiah’s, when he was stricken with a fatal disease, which greatly encouraged my heart. He said, “The Lord is ready to save (deliver) me.” (Isaiah 38:20 AMP) If you know the story, then you know that, after the Lord told Hezekiah through the prophet Isaiah that he was going to die, the king prayed for healing, and God restored him to health. Hezekiah’s prayer, and his faith in God’s willingness to heal him, opened the door to renewed health and long life.

Most Christians will admit that they believe God can do the impossible. But when you ask them if they believe He is WILLING to do the impossible in their situation, they often falter in their faith. And this is where a lot of believers miss it. Believing that God is able is one thing. Believing that God is willing moves us over into the realm of the miraculous.


Three out of four Gospels give an account of a man with leprosy who approaches Jesus for healing. He says to the Savior, “Lord, if You are willing, You can heal me and make me clean.” Jesus responds with, “I am willing. Be healed!” (Luke 5:12,13 NLT) If you look up the word “willing” in the dictionary, you will find definitions such as, “To wish, desire, take delight in.” Some definitions even say that it expresses the idea of being “ready” to do something. Many times, when I’ve needed healing in my body, the Spirit of God has reminded me of Jesus’ expression of willingness in the Gospels, and I have begun confessing, “Jesus is willing and able to heal me!” Often, just reminding myself of the Lord’s willingness to act on my behalf is enough to dispel my doubts, and to enable me to lay hold of the healing that God has in store for me.

In the Parable of the Persistent Widow in Chapter 18 of Luke’s Gospel, Jesus tells the story about a helpless widow who appeals to an unjust judge for mercy and justice. As we read this account, we discover that this judge has no fear or respect for God or man, but because of the widow’s bold and persistent appeals, he finally gives in to her demands. With this parable, Jesus illustrates God’s readiness and willingness to respond to our prayers and cries for help. If an unrighteous, ungodly judge is willing to answer someone’s pleas for help, how much more will a holy and just God be ready and willing to answer His beloved when they cry out to Him for help! (Luke 18:1-8) The Lord not only desires us to call on Him for help, but He encourages us, and challenges us, to call on Him with expectancy.

Today, you can increase your ability to receive from God by making a quality decision to believe that He is willing to act on your behalf in every situation you take to Him in prayer. Open your spiritual ears, and listen to the Savior saying to you right now, “I am willing…!”

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